Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Food Challenge: Phad Thai

Each week when I make my menu plan I ask Josh "What's my food challenge this week?" At times he's given me vague topics such as salmon and other times he's asked for something more specific like General Tso Chicken. I love that we do this because it gives me a challenge in the kitchen that I enjoy and it means we are guaranteed to try a new recipe that week.

This week Josh gave me the challenge of Phad Thai. I love Phad Thai. I never used to but a few years ago while working at the bank, the girls and I would go out for Phad Thai for lunch. It soon became a favorite.

I am currently researching Phad Thai recipes and plan to make it Sunday night. (Assuming I can get to the grocery store despite all this snow!) I challenge you to do the same and report back. If you don't like Phad Thai then challenge yourself to something else.

Here are some of the Phad Thai recipes that I'm considering:

Shimp Phad Thai at
Pad Thai at (4 stars out of 196 reviews sounds pretty good!)
Phad Thai at
Pad Thai at (Sounds authentic, eh?)

By the way, is it Phad or Pad?? I dunno!

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  1. so which one did you do? i think the shrimp one sounded the best. only sub. w/ chicken.