Friday, February 25, 2011

On my table this week...

I realized that today is Friday which for most people marks the end of the week, but in the Matthews' household today is our Monday. Friday is when Josh starts his five day stretch at work which means meal planning and grocery shopping for me. My challenge/theme for this week is to not purchase any "meat" from the grocery store and instead make dishes from whatever I have stored in my freezer. I'm also looking at this as an opportunity to clean out my tiny freezer and make space for some new stuff. Here's what I have planned for this week:

Enchiladas with Spanish rice and black beans -- this is yet another new enchiladas recipe. I'm kind of on a kick to find the best enchilada recipe out there. I plan to use my frozen chicken for this meal. Oh, and I can't forget to share my Spanish rice recipe with you!

Pizza -- yep, again! I found pizza dough hidden in the back of my freezer which will make for a super quick meal one of these nights. Plus I can add fresh veggies from my Wildly Organic delivery that just arrived.

Red Beans & Rice -- Ok, I'm cheating here. I'm not using anything from my freezer for this one but I needed a quick and easy recipe that I can make on a night that Josh is working til 9pm.

Boneless Ribs -- hm, not sure if they're pork or beef ribs since I didn't label them. Guess this will be a nice surprise. :) No recipe for this one. I'll probably bake these slowly for an hour then slather them with some BBQ sauce. Broccoli and cauliflower will join this meaty dish.

Pork Casserole with Biscuit Topping -- This was my sisters "birthday dinner" growing up. I recently found the recipe in my childhood cookbook that my mom put together for me a couple Christmas's ago. Natural ground pork was on sale a couple weeks ago so I bought some and froze it.

Add in a night of leftovers and we're covered until our next grocery shopping trip. I'll be sure to post my recipes as I make them so you can enjoy them too.

What do you have tucked away in your freezer that you could make this week?

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